50cc Piaggio Scooter long term 3 months

50cc Piaggio Scooter long term 3 months

on Curacao you can drive a 50cc scooter without a license, scooter experience is desirable. 

Max speed: 55 km per hour 
Price per month € 295 (rent from two months) is advantageous. Get a Quote 
Price per day (minimum 4 days) is € 29, -  
Deposit € 250 

Price per day (minimum 4 days) is € 29 

-Rent includes liability insurance, helmet, lock, roadside assistance and taxes. 

-Wa rental insurance, Helmet, Approved chain lock, scooter replacement, Breakdown, No hidden costs 

Minimal rent 4 days 

Security deposit € 250 High & low 

-Note: Only use city!

Riding a scooter with the cool wind in your hair, you can burn very quickly in the tropical sun. A sunscreen with a high factor is highly recommended. We also recommend at least a t-shirt or pulling on a shirt with long sleeves.



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